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Ringling Brothers. And Barnum&Bailey Circus Finished after 146 years.

Hello Everyone How are you? I am sorry I haven’t written Diary so much recently…  It has been 2 months since I came back to Japan from U.S well…. From Circus End.  I will Write circus life in last three months or any other circus life little by little, some times, it is not be scheduled .

I will Write first three days after I came back to U.S since 8 months.


As You may know….. well As you ALL know, Ringling Brothers finished after 146 years. in May 2017.

New York Times https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/07/us/ringling-brothers-circus-set-to-go-dark-after-146-year-run.html

I was on Red Unit (I used to be in Blue Unit) for last three months till final show ends.  That news happened so suddenly. Red Unit, Just opened tour of 2017 in January 12th then announcement was in January  14th….  I was in Japan at That time (I supposed to be there by then though).

Anyway, When I got there was end of January, Many performers were still shocked but show must go on we have to entertain audience whatever happened!! Gradually  everyone back to normal(I know never get back to how we were before).  I was so busy because I was late arrived than any other performer!!!

I arrived to Tampa on January 27th on Friday as soon as arrived airport company manager picked up me and take me  straight to  Arena to do paperwork.  Then next day I did costume fitting and got learned some clown gag from clown alley people then watched show one time then on Sunday I already performed !! Not whole act but basic thing.

Tampa is in Florida some how (only me? I don’t know why but some how many circus people or former Ringling Performer live in Florida so Many people visited circus already.


So Busy——!!! 


Only 2days ….. I already back to stage….. after about 8 months!?  Tampa is the first place after announcement….. SOOOOO MANY Audience all days Packed!!! I felt that is great but that is ironic…… Because people got to know circus will be end and THIS is the last time to see the circus!!

So do we!!???


Anyway super fast first few days. Non-stop!!   I never been to Red Unit. Production people, Performer…..Animals all different from Blue show. I was not nervous I am excited and of course many of red unit people  were very nice to me and said ” Welcome Back—-!!” or ” Welcome to Red!!” surprisedly, many (at least 10 people!?) spoke to me in JAPANESE!!!! “OHAYO GOZAIMASU” “SUGOI—-” “KONBANWA” etc…. That is great !!

I already knew circus ends in May before I come here. So I already settled my feeling and situation!?  I already thought ” Just Do It” “Enjoy the rest of the tour” .  But Audience were crazy  I understood but so many audience asked ” What are you going to do after this?” ” What are you guys going to do after This!?” ” I am so sad that circus finished….” etc etc…… at Preshow mostly. That was actually hard. I just answered ” Well After show ends I go home and take a nap” closed autograph then give it  back to them :P

I started busy and crazy three months of Last circus life with RBBB.

By the way in January 29th,  2 days after I came back to U.S…. I got APPROVAL NOTICE of Green Card!!! Actually issued in January 23rd. …. WOW !! Great!!!! But more process and all other process I have to do in JAPAN so I have to go back to Japan in May anyway. But yes!! That was very good timing :)  


Clowns with the Ringling Bros. circus red unit wait backstage for the start of the show, May 5. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)


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