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Mariko’s performance schedule in March and April

First one is happening next weekends !!

Mariko Iwasa will perform at Live Entertainment show “Alpha+”  in March 24th and 25th at Shibugeki in Shibuya, Tokyo.


I will perform at Opening act and Greeting as a CLOWN :)

Gravity is Three women’s Unit, their live show is with Sing, Dance and Talk.

Very powerful live !!  If you have a time please come to see the show!! I am happy and excited to be part of this show !! Happy to help to warm audience up :) That is Clown’s important role.


Second one is following next weekend.  In March 31st , Mariko will perform with Orchestra as a CLOWN.

I am super excited to be back to Orchestra scene.  Clown and Music!!!  It is also Entertain  audience (Many Kids this time) as a Clown.

This time I go to Nagoya area (Komaki) I perform with Chu-bu Philharmony orchestra.  Same Conductor(Koichi Fujino).


Thank you for giving me those such a great opportunities.


And in April, Mariko will be in theater production.  Rehearsal starts from Tomorrow!!

Tickets are on sale now. Ticket apply please go to Team Plain page. (←Click here)


These three productions are from totally different field.   Musical Theater scene, Orchestra (Classic Music) Scene and Straight Theater play. But those have a commonsense …… it’s ……. That’s Entertainment!!!!





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