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Friday of 13th.

We played in Kansas City,MO At Sprint Center.My Phone is Sprint. I checked my phone device… It was good!! That’s nice ;) There is at&t building right behind Sprint Center…that’s ridiculous?

In September, it has Friday of 13th…… Something happened around you??? Me?? I didn’t have any scary things…..!!??

By the way,

Have you ever been to Haunted House??? Me? I have NEVER been to Haunted House. I don’t like it. Even in Japan, I have never been to….. I went only Haunted Mansion in Disney Land….

There are 4 or 5 Haunted House near by train yard in Kansas City,MO

So, that’s culture shock!? Is it for Halloween!? I think they open whole year…..And yes, Circus people love to Enjoying Fun stuff. Of Course, our circus people love to go these haunted house.

Once in a life time….. I finally decided to go to Haunted House.

Most of people went to this hauted house.

That one is the largest Haunted House in U.S !!?? I’m not sure but I heard…..

6 people in a party……

That was so long way, it took 1 hour, and some part there is maze….. No light Black out, much smoke and scary, creepy people TOUCH me————–!!!!

It is crafty!? It is against the role———-!!!!???

It was really really fun, eventually. But I screamed all the time, Grab someone’s cloth so hard and I clung to its someone’s arm sooooo hard……..

I screamed saying Japanese and English….It was mean for doing that.

Anyway, that’s really different culture things from Japan!? Or Just I didn’t know about enjoying Haunted House….!?

As these pictures, creepy people and crazy scary things happened in that building. That’s really cool things.

And same area, there are many Antique and vintage WARE HOUSE this area. That district is called WEST BOTTOMSReally cool Suff thereMost of the shops open only by appointment or First Friday or weekend only. OMG……we are getting busy toward wekend…. But some of them open public…. anyway weekend though…..

On Friday, I had little time to go there. I made it finally!!!

OPEN——–!! Yippy—-!!!

Circus train ;) Since I got on the road. I could find many circus stuff(Old Ringling stuff etc…) more than in NYC. And also I went to other place where has vintage shops.


No, no….I love London but….. I don’t know why this telephone box was there, and I also saw Telephone Box in Texas.

I love London but I enjoy being in U.S now. Love exploring new city every time.  But It is hard way to be Adventure Hero…….Because at Haunted House…..


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