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Good Bye Summer !! In NY and Moline,IL with Happening,Busy but FUN!!!

Hi everyone how are you?

I didn’t know how I can say when people say ‘ What’s up?’ ……I know kind of same meaning as ‘ How are  you?’

I heard someone said ‘Not much’ Okay, I got it !!?? and also ‘Sap’!? Anyway, still learning English….

So,  I went to NY  after finish Texas.

Oh—-!! I found this. I didn’t see that before. NYC….. YES! JAZZ !!! that is Air train station at Jamaica in Queens.

I could go back to NYC so often during this tour…hehehe.

I spend really nice and easy time there.

I played golf—-!! Just shot. Not course.

I haven’t done for long time, but it was not bad. over 170 yd with 7th Iron.

I met special person who came from Japan !! We got to NY almost same day just one day different, how miracle is it. We must to meet!! Then we had good time at nice Japanese restaurant!!! It was really good food there. I hang out with my friend etc……Only 2days I stayed but had great days this time too.

Anyway, Happening was…..when I went back to Moline,IL.

I flew back to Moline,IL one day before opening day, But I couldn’t make it….

I had 2 happening with going back to Moline.

That time, once I went to Chicago and then change the plane to Moline from Chicago, so….. From NY to Chicago my seat was ‘ 11C ‘ which I made reservation for flight. But There was No 11C…..!!!! What’s!!!?????

Domestic airplane is small one aisle and 4 or 5 seats in each section, that plane has 5 seats in each section.

I went to and stop my section 11 , then I looked ‘ A,B ….aisle….’ Okay, other side ,,,,, then I looked up……

It said ‘D,E,F’!!!!!   What’s——–!!!!???

I went back to gate saying ‘ EXCUSE ME EXCUSE ME———’!!!! I definitely confirmed my seat….!!!!

‘Sorry, there is no 11C….’ I said.

‘Oh—— it means you are gonna seat on aisle—-!!! hahahaha——’ attendant said…..

‘Seriously??’  I said…..

They gave another seat…. but that was right next big engine—–!! Dangerous——–!!!!???

1 hour delay….. I don’t want to run dash to next flight———!!!! But Chicago is central time zone 1 hour behind from NY,Whew…..

Flight check board was right front gate, as soon as I left gate, I checked my next flight.


Chicago,IL to Moline,IL….CANCELLED.


Can’t believed. I changed flight schedule but earliest one was 3pm next day, OMG! Next day is opening day——!!

It can’t help though….. but they gave me nice hotel room for free. I had to stay one night in Chicago. Was nice for cool down for my little vacation eventually : )

It was good enough for one person, 1 living room ,1 bed room bathroom. Chairman desk and there were 2 TV!!

This hotel was really close to Arena where is the first time to play at Ringling Bros.

Chicago made reminded me about clown college days.

I made it for opening day !!!! and I took a special cab!!! Cab driver was so funny!! He said ‘ I’m a Cowboy KARAOKE singer cab driver!!!’ the funny thing is he know his job is cab driver professionally but he is KARAOKE singer.

He has KARAOKE set in his car—–!! And he put CD right away and sang for me. He made me happy !! That cab company was Lucky something(I forgot exactly name…). Nice adventure trip eventually.

I took video by the way.

So, Moline was busy week because many circus people visited clown alley with many free roll thank you so much! 

And also sometimes big rare circus flea market happen, it came to Moline—-!!

And also one of circus family brought rare goods and sold them, 2 flea market were there——!!! Lucky Lucy!!!

I got many rare goods this time.

That is really really I wanted and I have been looking for . Ringling Bros Jump Suits———–!!!! Yay YAY!!!!!!!

Many things happened really.

Super special guest!!! TOTO JOHNSON—–!! He visited clown alley whole week—!! 

Aaaaaaannnnnnnnndddddddddd, He was in the pre-show one day.

We wan on tour 1980′s , he was in Blue Unit, he also lived in Japan little bit for his job.

I met him when I was in Clown college, but this time I had many times to talk to him, thank you TOTO-san!!!

Actually, his name’s pronunciation is different from reading TOTO in Japanese, and also his name, spell is Japanese big toilet company’s name pronunciation is also different from his name pronunciation in Japan,,,,mmmm Confused!?

Spell is same but, his name, Toilet company name and his name in Japanese are different pronunciation.

Anyway, anyway, he lives around Moline. So he invited us for dinner with local clown community around Moline,IL.
So many clown family! We had good time ;) By the way, Moline IL is right next IOWA state, at that time I was in IOWA.

I don’t think Moline is busy city…..but we are busy and fun there!! Thank you everyone.

Can you see me?? I’m on the top of the water tank . This is train yard in Moline. It was nice whether but there were soooo many soooooooooo many , so many kind of Fly?? Small Fly? Insects?? in train yard… Indiana Jones!? Felt still summer… But that was Lavor day….Summer is finished in this town.

Good Bye summer!! See you next year——!!! I can fly!! I can Fly—-!!


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