Last week, we were making Face Cast.

I don’t know where these faces are put.  Anyway, I am telling the story for making that…..

Let’s Start!! Yay—-!! I’m so excited to do that!!! 

Making robber base….. Just Put on my own Red Nose.

But, I have 2 big problems!!!!

1, My nose does not work well all the time(little bit nasal inflammation!?)

2, I have a small nose…..

Small nose…. which means…. I take deep breathing…. my both nose skin close and nose whole is closing….

Can you imagine? Yes, this rubber base needs few minutes to be dried…..but even though few minutes I need to breath and when I breath, rubber came down to my nose and close my nose….

Every single time when I breath, that problem happned!!!

“Mmmm mmm  $%!(()#’=??++`=!&%* ~——–!!!!” (I can’t Breath!! Help! Help!!!)

“Alright alright…..fixed….Better?”

“&#($)&!!” (Yes Thank you)


Few seconds….

“Mmmmmm!!!! “

Again Again Again.


Finally… We decided to do again and breathing with mouth.

BLUE MAN…..!!??

I could breath with mouth but still hard and was scary for me. By the way that rubber is little heavy.

I have a closer picture of Blue Man but you know… it looks…..(I don’t tell any more).


Then I got a white face!?

It is still working on. Anyway, I have never done before so I got another good experience !!

I’m looking forward to see my completed face cast!!!

But because of I’m Asian, I have flat face….. Mine will be different from others!!!!  GOOD!! GOOD!!

But But, I have a Samurai soul !! Even though I don’t have a Ninjya Skill. 

I did it !! I gave Pie on Birthday man’s face ;)



2013/08/21 DIARY  


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