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Hello from New York

Hello Everyone how are you?

Hope everyone is well. Please stay home and be well.

Thank you so much for your message !! Especially, messages from Japan!!  Japanese community in NY and their allies are fine :)

I’m fine :) doing well at home. Everyday I sleep well (Little bit messed up my time to sleep because contacted with my family, friends etc..), eat well.. I’ve been taking online class mostly basic class this time beginner ballet, Beginner tap etc… because, it is hard to move a lot at my house so this is the time to review my bodywork , condition. Back to basic.

As you see… NY Broadway has been closed. Other off, off-off Broadway has been closed and even Variety show or Burlesque show… music scene, TV, Movie… everything…. Shut down.  But as I see on internet (Zoom, FB, instagram, Twitter etc) everyone keeps on smile and all performer get together and try to figure out to get through this hard time together.  Any genre of entertainment.

Many people try to do something during this quarantine time.  Me too.

I made YouTube Channel. my YouTube Channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtexHqt1VjsIZThKTyZBIhA?view_as=subscriber

Title isThe Handmade Theater

(This stage curtain set by Music stand and microphone stand…. and curtain. Really hand made. Concept is (especially this time) use from whatever I ALREADY have as props, costume and so on. )

Welcome to my comedy hideaway! It’s where I cook up my latest sideshow acts!!                                                                                           I will try to post new acts as fast as I can pry ‘em outta the vaults!

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel


2020/04/10 DIARY  
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