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Report of January’s stage.

Thank you for coming to the stage “Entertainment City Industry !! Happy N.Y!!”

 I, Physical comedian, kaori is a  stand up comedian and Toshi is a Dancer.  All three are based on New York and  Tokyo. This time all three are in Japan at same time, so we decided to have our show :)  

Such a great collaboration !!  Me and Toshi did Slapstick Comedy and Dance,  Toshi and kaori did Dance and Sketch comedy, Me and kaori did Sketch comedy and slapstick.  And all three did ….. everything !!!  And each one did own SOLO act.  I did Physical comedy and Tap. 

Good thing of Collaboration is learning other field and I made sure that everything has same sense.  Well my major of dance is Theater, not Hip Hop dance or any other street performance but mostly physical performance that is my major Act. Sketch comedy needs timing and clowning and Physical comedy needs timing as well. It is very important!!

We tried to show N.Y scene to the audience. I hope we could tell NY scene from Our acts. Automatically we can tell How did we survive in NY entertainment scene from our acts. 

Thank you again. We keep trying :)

Here are more pictures from show ENJOY!!! (Photo by Kenji Mori) 




MARIKO and kaori 

Three of us 

From My Act 


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