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My recently Work (November)

I appeared Dance performance !! I haven’t perform as a Dancer for about 15 Years!!??

I keep Dance training and Dancing but I haven’t perform as a Dancer.  I am so excited to perform as a Dancer. since my career shift has changed little to Clown or Circus or Variety arts, recently people know me as a Clown….. and they don’t know I can Dance. Of course I don’t get job as a Dancer anymore But I can dance and I believe Clown can dance is much better than can’t dance. Physical Comedy, Slapstick etc need body control!!! But not only Can use body … need feel rhythm and dance!!

Anyway It was so much fun work with this production.

Dancer, Singer, Piano player and Actor…. All collaborate and make one story…… This is not only Dance performance or Musical. Just between Music Live and Theater performance.

This is basically live house but nice size of stage and Grand Piano on the stage!! Live house but there is nice stage space :) And this time just one actor did speak, act and as a story teller.  Musical actor, will sing and act but this show is just Act and “Sing” part, Singer do sing while singer sing, actor did mime.  Dancers are too. We didn’t speak or sing but Dance and some mime We could tell the story and We create Character of the story.

That is very nice work for me as a ‘CLOWN’ in Dance show. I wanted to show not only “Hey I can Dance”!!… I want to show “CLOWN” side through dance. Show Character through Dance :)   One part of the show I created kinda Vaudeville style, 

That is obviously Clown pert. But more vaudevillian.  Nice challenge but I need more brush up. I started Dance when I was 15 or 16 years old. I went to dance studio there are many dancer or actor who wanted to be Musical Actor….. When I started to go to that studio, Most people are 10 years older than me……. but I love that pace and most of my lifetime my age 15 years old to 20 years old is That studio. Unfortunately, that studio closed in 2000.  Since then I didn’t know people who is from that studio do….. But my cousin(9years older than me) was in that studio. But she has kinda quit (for now)…. so I don’t know what they do now at all.


Facebook made us reunited!! About three years ago one of the older student from Studio messaged me when she got to know I went back to Japan for 2 weeks. Then we meet together she invited other older student from Studio included my cousin. It has been 17 years since Studio closed…. SO long time no see !!! And, Until then I almost never talked with her cuz I was so young…… But she massaged me. After that every time I visited Japan we met :)

Then This time I will stay in Japan for a while because of process of my new status. She offered me to perform her production.

Yes She has been making her own performance production for about 4 or 5 years. and most people (staff too) from that studio. This time’s production,  7 casts for this show. And 5 people from same Studio!! I am so glad to be reunion and also I am glad to perform with older students!! When I was in studio I couldn’t be same Level performer or can’t work with Them. But now I am on same stage with them :)  Production was fun, some nostalgic and I am encouraged that from casts and staff.  I am the youngest of this production(Now that I am 38…..most of the production which I work, I am the oldest… SO, That is very rare!!!), but about 10 years older casts are getting more great performer and cool people :P


I invited people who don’t know I dance… are they surprised !!??


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