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Energy month in February!!

Hello, Everyone. How are you doing?

 This year’s winter is so warm weather.  I don’t like too cold but I prefer around 27-32 degree?  I don’t feel this is winter….. We started touring from Florida this year then South Carolina, North Carolina, Philadelphia… then Finally New York—-!! But hey… where is winter???

Anyway, February is almost done…..time fly…..passing so fast!?

Starts with my appearance on Japanese TV in February, actually I got some comments from Audience. I don’t think how effect people what I am doing. I just do whatever I want to….I realized I actually give someone my energy, Happiness or else.  I keep energy high and keeping up!! I will do more fun and more being funny and happy :)

Thank you again everyone.

And I also input many things.

I went to see this.

Best show ever!! So CLOWNING :)

I like Musical, straight play or else… but this show is really my favorite type of performance. Every act is the style what I really want to do.

Bill Irwin(Left) and David Shiner(Right). These guys are very famous Clown(Not only clown they are actor, director etc) and very charming ;)  I laughed so hard whole entire show!! I’ve already seen twice and that was my third time. But even so, I really enjoyed.

That was opening night’s after party in San Francisco,CA in 2014.

It is so much fun show!! It plays until April? This time is long term performance!! If you didn’t see yet, you should go—–!! This time one Japanese drummer is in the band!!

OLD HATS at Signature Theater


What’s?? Really?????

Ringling Brothers. And Barnum & Bailey is in New York now!!!

Opening day is tonight. February 25th. Through  March 6th. At Barclay Center!!!


We did Hospital visit yesterday. at The Brooklyn Hospital Center.

We do every week, every city.

Clown, Dancers, China National Acrobatic trupe and Paulo perform at Hospital every time.

Kids loves performance and kids loves clowns. I was doing Big High five with Kids. It was great visit yesterday.

I came New York right after Philadelphia’s performance done.  I took Dance classes. I haven’t taken dance class so long…… I have to keep my dance body ……And met new people and Hang out my old friends, eat nice home made dinner at friend’s house.  I got great energy from many people.

This time many people come to see the show in New York and NJ. My teacher from high school come to see the show, my uncle come to see show, my younger student from college come to see the show and my best friend from elementary school come to see the show!!…Everyone all the way from JAPAN!!! I am so excited to see them :) and more New York friend come to see the show too.

Elephant will retire in May, this time will be the last time to see the elephants.

Everyone, See you at the show :)



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