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Japan 2015 and Hello 2016!

Hi, Everyone How are you? How was your New Year’s start???

Wish you all have a great and joyful year!!

I went back to Japan three time last year that is so lucky!!

When I went back to Japan in May 2015. That time I met many Circus and street performers in Japan. When I was in Japan I was doing Theater thing Musical, straight play, Dance etc….I didn’t know Circus scene in Japan.

I am Glad to meet them.

I came this cafe to meet circus and street performers. This cafe’s owner is street performer. That cafe have many books about circus, street performance, Burleque etc……

And I found this one!

Magazine about Ringling Brothers. And Burnum & Bailey Clown college in JAPAN.

 She was assistant of Clown College JAPAN. She did performed at Ringling Brothers few weeks for Clown College in JAPAN. We talked a lot about RBBB story :) She also told me how is Japanese clown nowadays and she is only one to teach Slap Stick things. Once she opens workshop many people come to take her workshop from all over places in Japan. I am working in U.S now. Slap Stick is very American style, but very simple and can understand all over the world I think. I want to bring “FRESH” slap stick from U.S and tell them in Japan. I wish Slapstick will be more popular in JAPAN!!

All performers!! Had to take picture!!

This time, I could go to see three theater performance!! Yay!! I made it.

One is Japanese traditional theater performance called “KYOUGEN(狂言)” That is basically Comedy. Since I met clowning…. I have been thinking that There are few common things between clowning and Kyougen ;) And I really wanted to see Kyougen. My friend ask me to go together. So lucky—–!!

I took picture with Kyougen Performers.

My friend said ” I want to see collaboration work with Clown and Kyougen some day ;)

Yes I want to do ——-!!

Second one is straight play so COMEDY play.

Picture from Google Image

I knew it but it is really hard to get ticket!!!!! in Japan, basically ticket starts to buy 2months before the show open. So Advance—–!!!

And also this production is really good. Actors are so skilled, Unique, handsome, Beautifule, cute……They all have strong character as an Actor and they are popular!!and TV stars as well that’s why(?). I didn’t research well and I decided to go back to JAPAN is in the last minutes….so…I almost gave up to see that show but my another friend could get ticket include MINE. Lucky part 2!!!!!!

And Dance performance. Main Character is Actor mainly TV recently? Used to ??? Well anyway, popular actor. That show is interesting. Main role guy has such a great dancer as well. I am glad I could see his dance again. Performing Arts style.

And One cabaret show. And one man live. And my friend’s photo exhibition.

The guy who lives in NY. He came for tour performance in Japan. I cannot see his show every time in NYC but I made it in JAPAN. I am glad to see his show. Live house was packed. His performance is very soulful :P

And This live—!!

Sylvia Grab, She is my friend-shi person. We are friend? Yes ?? maybe No….lol. She is great actress in JAPAN. She performs at Musical theater  and straight play.  She did first time one man live ever—-!! I am glad to make it and my parents went with me. Her vocal is really really Great!!

And This is my friend who is photographer!! I am the first customer of this exhibition.YAY—- :)

We met each other in NYC. We took so fun pictures in NYC. I haven’t met her for long time. I am happy to see her again.

These are we took together!! Awwwwww I want to have fun photo shooting with her again!!!!

And My friend who WAS director, writer etc …at theater scene BUT now, she back to performer. NOW she is street performer! I got a chance to see her performance during I was staying in JAPAN.

Pole performance!!! I was so impressed. Her performance was great!! All stuff for performance even pole, she has to carry with her by herself. Buy props….Make props…..Her Trunk. With Name.But mic is not belong to her……..well, Next time??

Another I met my friends who are also entertainer friend and Hero—!!Rome Kanda and KiKi Sukezane!! “MAJIDE–!!”

They came to see the show once. This is their favorite style from the show.

We live in U.S. !! but we met in Tokyo, Japan. 

Now Rome Kanda is making non-profit organization supporting Japanese entertainers who live and activate in U.S he wants to support more Japanese starts in U.S. eventually. He made Website, so far not so many but I am in it already. It is not official open yet but almost there.  JAPAN STAR


Aaaaand, I performed with my Dad :P

Saxophone and Pocket Trumpet :) Played “I ‘ll be Home for Christmas” Actually, I didn’t know that song well. But after I know this song. I heard this song so many times. Because I got to know this music :)

I had so much fun time in Japan. I try not to get busy so much but I was so busy after all :)

“Would you like have some tea with me?”


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