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HAPPY HOLIDAY(Holiday Greeting)!!

Hi, everyone how are you?  I’m sorry I haven’t written daily for long time, Autumn passed winter came Christmas has passed a week ago then 2days left in 2015!!
Time flies so fast.
Autumn has gone,  The most colorful time of the season is once again upon us! I was having a most colorful season this year on the Greatest Show on Earth! From the train car, I can see the wondrous beauty of America changing before my eyes and it makes me glad to live on the open road.
Now Winter came but still worm…feel spring or summer weather sometime.
But I’m enjoying December, HOLIDAY season came!! I love this season so much ;)
This season’s tour I am happy to be touring in the Northeast, close to my beloved New York. This region is a magical place at this time of year.  I’m the third year anniversary of my start on this crazy ride. On November 8th, I have  toured with Ringling Brothers  & Barnum and Bailey for three amazing years! I can hardly believe I’ve lasted as long as I have! Life on the road is challenging, make no mistake! I must admit I was a little jaded at the start, dazzled by the prospects of finally being a full time alley clown in a world famous circus!
Boy, did those three years learn me!
There is must to reflect on. Three years….
In Japan, we say ishii no ue ni mo san nen.  This means “three years on top of a stone” (is enough time for moss to grow on it.) In other words, “perseverance prevails”. What can I say about these three years?  How is this significant to my future? Three is like some magical number where I come from, I don’t know exactly the reason why.  In Japan, loyalty to one’s profession is taken very seriously–almost like a religion. You choose a faith and then you stick to it. In the old days, you were employed for life but these days things have changed.  In Japan, three years is the minimum one must stay with a company in order to obtain full growth–good and bad. Even if the company you are with is overwhelmingly difficult, we say “gaman” or tough it out until you adapt and become stronger.  If you can last for three years in one place, you can survive practically anywhere.
Or so the saying goes…
Now that time is upon me and I can see the fork in the road. So many younger clowns have joined us and I feel like an older sister, a senior clown.  Although one part of me wishes to watch their growth and help them reach their potential, a gnawing part of me is yearning to know what lies on my horizon after the Big Top.   Autumn is the season of change and I can taste it.
I have had many good fortunes along the way. In my New York home, I can rejuvenate with tastes and smells of Japan. A pan of kabocha nimono (simmered pumpkin) steaming on the stove. Red miso soup with pork belly. Curry stew a rice.  I am still close to Japan though so far away. America still holds many doors for me.  What shall I find if I try to open them?
In End of October, My mom and her friends(I know them!), my hair colorlist(It’s been about 15 years?) and my friend from college…….they came to see the show all the way from JAPAN !!!
Mom and Mom’s Friends and my(?) Hair colorlist with Clown Alley.
She is colorlist. She is Top Colorlist at DADA CuBic in Tokyo JAPAN. and another person from that salon came to NY as well and one another hair makeup artist who was working at Salon then she moved NYC got together to have dinner with them.
DADA people and me :)
And Friend from college and after all me and other college friends got together in NYC!! That is so rare thing. We had so much fun time :P
Such a fun time in October. November, we did perform two weeks then we had 5 weeks off.  I could go back to Japan from November 23rd through December 13th!! About Three weeks stay in Japan. First and Last one week I stayed in NYC.
I got a chance to think about my future and and also I got energy from them. It was so nice timing everyone I am glad to see them at one time :)
What a great adventure of my life!! FUN!!!
Thank you for all your support and love :)
Wish you have fun and joyful year in 2016 as well….well more!!

2015/12/30 DIARY  
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