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Updated Music!!!

I haven’t updated about Music of Japanese and foreign countries for a while. But last two days, I got new Japanese music from American people. The first one is “Baby Metal

This is listened by some of Circus people, they are very interested in….I….really didn’t know that Band…sorry.

And another Music is Japanese Indies, I got to know that music from American as well. “Humbert Humbert”
I like their music style :) really nice!!

These two music are from Japan but different type of music but I like it. I will try to sing at Karaoke some next time :P

最近はなぜかめちゃBen Folds Fiveを聴きまくってましたが、新たなこの二組の対局なメロディにハマるとしますかな。まずは、今朝壊れたイヤホンを新しいのに変えるところから!


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